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Make It Plain Publishing

always be yourself

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Make It Plain Publishing: Your Source for Books That Uplift and Inspire

Life can be a rollercoaster ride no matter what age you are or stage in life you’re in. At Make It Plain Publishing, we believe that we could all use some inspiration—a little nudge, motivating force, or catalyst, if you will—to help us get on the right track in life. And this is what we do.

We share our understanding of the world to guide people on how to navigate life and realize their purpose by offering our books as well as motivational speaking and mentoring services.

Company History

Make It Plain Publishing was founded by Todd Marcell in 2014. He started this business because he reflected on his life and realized that he could have avoided many bad decisions if someone had taken the time to share their wisdom on how the world works.

It was then and there that Todd decided to write a book for teens and young adults, sharing not only his life experiences but also ways to succeed. This was how his first book, How to Be Cool, was born. Since then, Todd has been writing and speaking with one goal in mind: to encourage people to be their best selves with what God has bestowed on them!

Our Mission and Vision

We want readers to learn something new, we want our content to be memorable, and we want our ideas and advice to be applicable as soon as people close the pages of our books or after they hear the sound of Todd Marcell’s voice.

Get to Know Todd Marcell

Company Owner, Best-Selling Author, and More

Todd Marcell is a sought-after author, motivational speaker, youth minister, self-esteem guru, and mentor who ignites people to use their God-given gifts. Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, he has three books to his credit and a fourth one on the way: How to Be Cool, Bible Print, Swag Bible, and coming soon, Can’t Knock the Hustle.

Todd has been featured in Voyage ATL Magazine, served as a guest on the Ridin Durty Radio Show, and appeared on

Apart from writing compelling books, his work is motivating, coaching, and inspiring both young and mature adults to become the best version of themselves. He also provides insight and tangible techniques to build self-esteem.

Todd has spoken at various institutions across the nation since 2015. Happily married with three beautiful boys, he currently resides in McDonough, Georgia.